Think Some of Your Roofing Shingles Are Broken?

Tips on Shingles from a Professional Roofing Contractor

Every roofing contractor will tell you that roof shingles are curved or flat tiles which lock and overlap in such a way that helps them carry water away from pitched roofs. They can be made from various materials which differ in cost, color, durability, weight, and style. When installing tiles on a house, a homeowner first needs to consider their budget, climate, the pitch of the roof, and how they are looking for the end result to fit in with their home’s design.

Shingles can only be installed on roofs that have a pitched roof and are steep enough to carry water into gutters using just gravity. There are, though, other materials, like metal flashing or PVC sheets, which are better served on flat or shallow roofs. Many issues with a new roof, such as leaks, are normally traced back to incorrect installation, and not the flawed materials. Homeowners must ensure they only hire a professional roofing repair company to help them select the appropriate tile. They need to also check on the installation of any special flashings, rafters, and the shingles. Problems arising will be found around such things as vents and chimneys.

There are several materials that are suitable for weatherproof, durable, and beautiful shingles. Clay or ceramic tiles are elongated S-shapes – these are better served on a Spanish style house. Slate comes in various colors, ranging from green, blue gray and tan and have a lifespan of around 100 years. Ceramic and slate can be extremely expensive and will need an extremely strong roofing frame in order to hold the weight of these tiles. Lighter alternatives, like asphalt, can ape the color and fire-retardant rating of the above tiles.

Basic asphalt shingles, also referred to as fibreglass or composite, are created by infusing paper or fibreglass with asphalt. One side will be sprayed with more granules of a mineral and the desired color. They are a good choice as they are cheaper and have a lifespan of around 15 – 20 years. Another alternative would be wood shake. Wood is an excellent choice for log cabins, so long as the cabin is in a hot climate, and not in an area at risk of flash fires. Metal tiles made of copper, aluminum, and steel make strong design statements as they reflect the sunlight.

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