The Stages of Our Re-Roofing Service: Our Expert Roofing Contractor Explains

If you have hired our roofing contractor to re-roof your home in New Castle, PA, it can look like a long and complicated process, but as experts with extensive experience in this line of work, we know how to complete such jobs safely and efficiently. Here you will see a breakdown of the steps that our re-roofing specialists take to ensure you get the results on time.


The first thing we, at Millers Contracting, do is to make sure your home is protected by traps so the siding is not going to get damaged and your landscape stays safe during the project. The traps protect your home from collecting excess moisture while being exposed to the weather conditions.

Removing Roofing Materials

All shingles, tiles, or metal should be completely removed to begin the re-roofing process. This way, our roofing contractor can inspect the wood underneath for damage and rot. If the new shingles are laid over the old ones, there would be no way to tell if there is any damage to the structure.

Inspecting the Wood

Any soft wet and rotted wood will be replaced. However, this does not mean replacing all the wood on the roof. We will take care of the damaged sections and boards and replace them so your existing system can stay safe for many years to come.

Laying the New Base

Once we make sure the new wood is securely attached to the rafters, we will re-nail all the boards. After that, we install a new base for the shingles, tiles, etc. We lay down an ice and water shield over the bottom of the roof and around the chimney, if any, and other places that are vulnerable to water penetration. We then cover the roof with felt and proceed to the next step.

Installing New Roofing Materials

Our roofing contractor lays shingles, tiles, asphalt, metal, and other materials. We will replace your old pieces that may need repairs, such as ridge vents and counter flashing. Once the job is done, our expert inspectors will come over to your place to ensure the job is done properly and the system will perform efficiently for many years to come.

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