Looking for a Durable Roofing Material?

What Is Corrugated Roofing?

Corrugated roofing is a low-cost material which is available in large panels which are designed to be easily installed, and to offer more weather resistance and protection. This type of material used to be seen on garages, sheds, and other such auxiliary structures, however, it has started to become more popular for roofs. Most home supply stores sell this, also, you can order it directly from the manufacturers.

Metals and plastics are usually used to make corrugated panels. Metals are extremely durable, which makes them more suitable for structures that are in harsh climates, and they can be also painted in various colors, for people that prefer not to look at boring plain metal, plastics can be either clear or opaque, with some people using the former for a corrugated roof as a cheap form of skylight, which brings in more light to a structure without the extra expense of having to install a skylight.

Greenhouses will often come with a corrugated roof, due to the fact this material is easy to work with. Once a greenhouse is framed, it can be covered with a plastic roof that brings in light and maintains a high temperature and humidity levels. For people that like to do projects, a greenhouse that has a corrugated roof can be longer lasting and durable than a structure which has been covered in plastic sheeting, which is another material that is commonly used in greenhouse construction.

In addition to being installed by DIY enthusiasts, installation can be done by a professional roofing company. For additional insulation, multiple layers that have been cushioned with foam or another insulation material can be used, and a corrugated roof is quite heavy, which means it must conform with all the local building codes. Periodic maintenance and inspections are critical, due to the fact high winds can often rip off an entire roof within a matter of minutes should the wind manage to obtain a foothold. For more information on our services in the New Castle, PA area, please call Millers Contracting today at (724) 714-1594.