Roofing Problems You Absolutely Shouldn’t Neglect

Call a Roofing Professional Immediately

As the topmost portion of your home that provides a needed layer of protection, your roof is certainly exposed to various forms of damage. No matter material your roof is made of, it’s not immune to flaws and defects. If you’ve had yours for a long time now, you may need to have work done to keep it good as new. These may be repairs or touch-ups, so inspect yours if any roofing issues are indeed apparent.


Cracks, punctures, and tearing in your roof that stems from harsh weather and impact from debris need to be rectified immediately. That way, leaks and moisture won’t make their way into your home. Inspect your roof closely for any of these ingresses, and hire a professional roofer to do the necessary work.


Gathering puddles on the roof can be caused by cupping on certain areas of the surface. These puddles may be too much for your roof to handle and could cause a collapse. Be sure to get rid of the water in the puddles as your call a professional to repair your roofs material.

Pests and Animals

Pests and other small animals can definitely make a home in the crevices of your roof. Your local roofer can inspect these crevices and be able to close off gaps where these animals could hide. The presence of birds and rodents in your roof can certainly be annoying, so be sure to remove these carefully.

Tree Debris

Debris like branches and twigs can scrape the surface of your roof, and create damage like scratches and punctures. These could cause leaks and drafting, so hire a roofing expert to rectify these as soon as possible.

It’s important to hire a roofer that’s well-versed in making repairs and structural amendments. If you’re looking for a company that’s willing to provide you with that in New Castle, PA, we at Millers Contracting are the right team for the job. Call us now at (724) 714-1594 for appointments and inquiries.